Words can be magic spells. Doors into a different reality. Really, a new understanding can shift your experience so radically that it might feel like you entered another world. Because – you kind of did.

That’s why clichés are deadly: They format our experience. Trapped by ideas, or liberated by ideas: both possible. That’s why words are central when it comes to Coaching. Language aids perception – or hinders it.

In Somatic Coaching, we use words to connect to the body. We find words to capture what we call the felt sense, the moment to moment sensations arising in the body. It is a felt sense in two ways. First, it the the felt sensations in the body. Second, it is the sensed meaning of those sensations.

We are making sense of things not from the mind, but from the bodymind.

The body leads us to find new words. Vice versa, the words we use have an effect the body.

Coaching gets more lucid if words are used with a poetic force. Then, they can touch the body, land in the inner world, and shift things in the depth where the intellect alone could never reach.

So – we work somatically, even when we speak.

Which is why a big part of embodied liberation is trying on new words for size.
You say them, hear them, and listen for the echo in your body.
You find the ones that make your heartspace expand.
The ones that excite your animal body.
The ones that glisten in the dark.

So, yes: In Somatic Coaching, we are talking. But we are never just talking.