We talk, and we connect to the body: That’s what our Coaching sessions look like. They happen online, via Zoom. It seems strange, but it’s true: Embodiment works, in that virtual togetherness.

The first session we schedule is a free 45-minute Coaching call. No strings attached, very purposefully so: You will get a sense of how I work, and we both can find out if working together feels aligned. If it does, we’ll decide on the rhythm that works best. This could be weekly or biweekly sessions. Shifts and transformation happens over time, which is why I love longer trajectories the most – starting with 3 months, or 6 months.

Single Sessions are 75mins and cost 200$. If we work together weekly or bi-weekly over a longer period of time, sessions are 180$. I also work on a sliding scale. If finances are a hesitation, contact me. We’ll find a way.

To book a first session, and for any other questions, get in touch at kk@katrinkruse.com.