Concepts shape our imagination. They define our scope of possibility. Some things are just not on the map. And thus: unimaginable.

Coaching disrupts that, in a couple of ways. That is why I love this work, and why to me it is avantgarde in the very best of ways. I call this work Embodied Liberation: It’s an inner freedom that isn’t only in your head. The freedom it brings is both conceptual and embodied. That’s why it lasts. And that’s why it works.

It requires two things: the ability to go radically meta, and to be totally embodied – both at the same time. Somatic Coaching does both.

Somatic Coaching works with where our imagination comes from – the bodymind, and the deep Self. It introduces the possibility of a body-led existence, which is: a sustainable one.

At the same time, we look at the effects of the systems we live in, and contextualize what might simply seem an individual experience. What is so visionary about trauma-informed, embodiment-based Coaching, is that it assumes otherwise, and imagines otherwise. It sets a radically different frame.

If that intrigues you, or leaves you curious, talk to me. Let’s set up a call, and find out where you are at.