Q. What exactly is Embodied Coaching? What does a session even look like?

A: We talk, and we connect to the body. We disentangle the layers – which often means we slow things way down. You know this moment when you tell someone about something, something you have spoken many times before, and get really worked up while doing it? That’s what we don’t do.

Q. Is it like therapy?

A. Generally speaking: no. Some things are similar though. The setting is similar: We sit, most of the time, and we speak. But when we speak, we include the body. Embodied Coaching means is making sense of things not from the mind, but from the bodymind.

Q. What if I cannot feel what is happening in my body? People tell me I am ‚in my head‘ a lot. I feel kind of awkward often, and I am quite tense. I am not sure if this method is for me.

A. If you find it difficult to sense what is happening in your body: This is for you. It’s tricky to connect experientially to our bodies for most of us – simply because we’re not used to it. Think about it: We don’t have much of a vocabulary to speak about what we are sensing. That will change with this work. You’ll have a connection to yourself that is tangible, and tangibly different. We become more real for ourselves, that is how I describe it.