As a writer I believe in the capacity of words. Sensing, and being able to name what you sense, is the foundation of the intimacy with self. So the process of Embodied Coaching is this: to discover your mind, your beautiful, wild and creative mind, and root it deeply into your body. You will become more nuanced in your perspection, discover a new inner territory. So that the self, in its boundaries and confines, will have more tangibility.

Tools and theories provide a map, yet they are always secondary to the map that unfolds in each unique process. The pattern that unfolds is shaped by experiences and soul, and the individual path is forged from this interplay.

Coaching provides a space for transformation to happen – which is both a finding back to self and an invention of self. I call it ‚selfing‘, because to me the self seems more like a verb, a becoming. What happens in the space of coaching is not so much that someone witnesses you and guides you – although that is an important part of it. The most important part is that your are guided to become exactly this same witness for yourself. That is the transmission. That is the transformation, and that is while it is lasting.

The self is a practice, not a ready made entity. In coaching, we are concerned with this practice. Coaching, to me, is about tracing the anatomy of loosing and finding oneself. How does this show up for you, what is its shape, right in this moment?

The specific goals we set in the beginning of our work together can have a wide scope: to be your own best lover, to find a path to orgasm, to release sexual shame, to love your body, or to not drift off into the mind during sex. Clients work with me to connect to their sexual wildness, to retrieve fierce joy, rewrite their stories and to live a turned on life. The main goal however is always this: Becoming current with yourself, so that all of you is present, in the present. To integrate the pieces of the bodymind that might be arrested in the past, making presence not so readily available.

It is easy to become entangled in concepts, in coaching as well as in life. We always conceptualize, that is what informs my work. The solution is not to escape them, but to own them and choose them wisely. The question is: Can we let loose on the concepts, and rest in a place of not knowing? That is how new meaning can arise that is current with where you are at now.