Katrin Kruse Basel
I am interested in how we situate ourselves in our existence – this interest unites all my work. I am a writer, a lecturer and a coach. I have an MA in Cultural Studies because I am interested in the social construction of reality. I completed a Sex, Love and Relationship Coaching Certification because the intellectual lens fundamentally lacks embodiment. I write about fashion because it makes zeitgeist tangible. I have been a freelance journalist for taz, die tageszeitung in Berlin, an editor for the Sunday edition of NZZ in Zurich, and a lecturer for fashion theory and concept at the University of the Arts in Basel. I am a guest lecturer at ZHdK, the University of the Arts in Basel.

We tend do divide things pretty stricly: Theory is a genre in itself, and our own experince is seldom connected to what we know intellectually. Either you are a thinker, or a body based person, so it seems – which is a strange divide to me. Both are needed, that is the premise of my work: a deep understanding of our own conceptual frameworks, and connecting that knowledge to our own experience, which is always felt in the body. We need to be rooted in our own physicality – and this ankering, that is my experience, is missing. Integrating both, that is how I work.