Katrin Kruse Basel
I am a writer, and a Somatic Coach. I am intrigued by how we live our lives. How we choose to live, and more often, how we not choose to, but rather live by default. Where does this default come from? And how can we shift it into something self created? That’s what I work with. Essentially, it’s about inner freedom. About making this freedom real.

In short: I guide keen thinkers to land in their body.

Freedom, to me, equaled being a free thinker for quite some years. I spent a super conceptual decade of critical theory and gender studies in academia, lectured at art universities, and interviewed sociologists as a journalist. When it became obvious that conceptualising alone (plus: a lot of Yoga) wasn’t cutting it, I decided to do a somatic Coaching training in California.

Here’s what I learned, and what is the foundation of my work since: Owning your mind doesn’t mean much without radical somatic presence. True, inner freedom requires the ability to go radically meta, transcend paradigms, own your concepts. Yet it also requires the ability to be fully embodied. It needs both, and it needs both at the same time. The body has to be able to hold what the mind comes up with – and vice versa. This is how I work.

I studied critical theory, gender studies and literature in Berlin and London and have an MA in Cultural Studies. I have been a freelance writer for taz, die tageszeitung in Berlin, covering the Paris fashion shows for the culture section. An editor for the Sunday edition of NZZ in Zurich. I lectured fashion theory and concept to graduate students at the University of the Arts in Basel for many years as well as trend forecasting at ZHdK, University of the Arts in Zurich. And I am a certified Sex, Love, and Relationship Coach.