We talk, and we connect to the body: That’s what our Coaching session looks like. Online, via Zoom. Strange, but true: embodiment works, in that virtual togetherness. What happens, now, in this moment, that is what we are concerned with.

It’s often a question: In what way are coaching and therapy different? One one of the distinctions is that therapy tends to evolve around a problem, while coaching works with desires. Less ‚What do I want to get away from‘, more: ‚Where do I want to go?‘ In that orienting towards desires, the suffering, the blocks, the sticky parts will all come up, anyway. And, especially in the sexuality part of the coaching: There are practices, homework, if you will.

The first session we schedule, our consult call, is a free coaching session. We both feel into if working together is aligned. And then we find the frequency of sessions that works best for you. Usually, I do three 75 minute sessions per month (weekly calls with one integration week in between), or in same cases biweekly sessions. Shifts and transformation happens over time, and leaning into a continous, reliable, and safe support is an integral part.