1. SHE’S SMART. Katrin’s an academic and a journalist, so she doesn’t demonize the intellect like some body-based coaches might. My mind gets to play along with the rest of me!
2. SHE’S A GIFTED SOMANAUT. Katrin’s relationship with the body is the most nuanced I’ve ever encountered. She re-mystifies the body, restores its depth and dimension, its wisdom. She keeps me grounded.
3. SHE’S NOT AFRAID OF THE DARK. Katrin is solidly present for tears and trauma. She embraces it all, truly. And she’s there to help with the heavy lifting.
4. SHE’S A CRYSTAL-CLEAR MIRROR. Katrin reflects me back to me with astonishing accuracy. She sees me.
5. SHE’S A SYNTHESIZER. Katrin connects the dots, helping me to see and make sense of things. I can share the messiest aspects of my life and she will distill something meaningful.
6. SHE’S A WORDSMITH. In writing but in her choice of spoken words too, Katrin evokes a radical clarity and poetic depth. Her words vibrate with power.
7. SHE CALLS ME ON MY SH*T. Katrin will – gently, with great sensitivity – point to where I am deflecting. Or denying. Or doing that-thing-that-I-do. She holds me to the high standard that is my standard of choice, when I’m conscious. When I’m not, I’m grateful for her honesty.
8. SHE’S A HEDONIST. Katrin is a lover of fashion & literature & sex & art, and when you lose your faith in pleasure she is there to remind you: pleasure is a kind of intelligence, too.
9. SHE’S A MAGICIAN. Katrin offers me paradigms outside my purview. She can reach into one of my blind spots like it’s a top hat and instead of scarves or rabbits pull out possibilities, radically life-expanding options. It’s maddening but it’s magic.
10. SHE’S CONGRUENT. Katrin walks her talk. I’ve been through some potentially challenging situations with her as a client and I always felt heard and respected. No spiritual bypass, no ego. Just her willingness to receive me and to take care. She’s the real deal, folx.“

T.U., Victoria, Canada.